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    PHP and Cookies
    Detailed PHP sessions tutorial
    The fastest way to see how many people are online at your site
    Php counter with cookies
    RSS feed as pure text
    An Introduction to Cookies
    Using Sessions in PHP
    Parsing cookies with Zend Http Client and CookieJar
    PHP Tutorials
    Cookies In PHP
    Simple Visits Counter without MySQL
    Hit Counter
    Real Visitor Counter
    A simple hitcounter
    Create a Unique Hits Counter
    Image based hit counter in PHP to keep track of visitor.
    Simple hit counter using php
    Adjustable visit counter
    Twitter Followers As Text
    Simple Visitor Counter Using php
    Display Facebook Fan Counter on website
    Writing a Post Views Count Plugin: Part 1
    Writing a Post Views Count Plugin: Part 2
    Insert Elements with a PHP Loop
    Creating and accessing MySQL data with PHP
    phpMyAdmin Tutorial: Transformations & PDF-Features
    Newest MySQL manual in HTML Help (.chm)
    Counting Rows
    Tips on Writing Portable SQL for Multiple Databases with PHP
    Configuring PHP with ORACLE 8i Support
    Best Practices: Database Abstraction
    PostgreSQL and PHP Tutorial
    SQL Theory & How-To
    Doing Simple DB Abstraction in PHP
    Building Next/Prev Buttons for Query Results (Part 2)
    ODBC Socket Server
    Creating Dynamic Next / Previous Buttons with PHP and MySQL
    PHPLIB and multiple databases
    Uploading, Saving and Downloading Binary Data in a MySQL Database
    Are PHP and MySQL the Perfect Couple?
    MySQL Table Joins
    PHP and Accessing MySQL Databases
    So you want to use a database in your site?
    Interfacing With MS Access 97+
    Connecting to a mySQL database
    Admin user interface: adding and deleting users
    Database Normalization And Design Techniques
    Accessing a Microsoft SQL Server database from PHP running under Linux
    PHP DB Admin Control
    MySQL & PHP Basics
    Connect to a Database (with optimization for multiple databases)
    Displaying Fields and Data of a MySql Table in PHP
    PHP and Javascript: Dynamic update with MySQL
    Backup mysql data using PHP in Windows
    Making Data Dynamic
    PHP Script Tips - Working with MySQL Database
    Basic mySQL Queries And PHP
    Dumping mySQL Tables to HTML
    Get the Size of a MySQL Database
    Fetch MySQL Row
    Dynamic Dropdown Menu
    Get Last ID after Insert
    Show Records by multi Columns in Rows
    Moving From Static to Dynamic - Understanding Databases
    Select random records from a MySQL database
    Database Applications and the Web
    Querying Web Databases
    User-Driven Querying
    Writing to Web Databases

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