Web Design & Development

    How To Add A Playable Video Or Movie To A Web Page Using HTML5
    Creating a Simple Paint Application in HTML5
    Using the HTML5 Section Element
    11 Apple Code-Snippets You Might Not Know About
    Make Use of HTML5 Importing in the Near Future
    Using Rare and Obscure HTML Tags
    Disable Text Selection on a WebPage Using CSS
    Custom Error Pages
    Denying Website Access
    Change Default Index File
    Easy Website Password Protection Tutorial
    Custom Error Pages Using htaccess
    Introduction To An .htaccess File
    Creating a custom 404 page
    How to create custom made 404 error file not found page on your website video tutorial
    Creating a file based AD rotator script
    Building a Fair and Convincing Banner Rotator
    How To Add A Facebook Fan Box To Your Wordpress Blog
    Replacing Image Ads with Text Ads on Mobile Devices
    Develop a Banner Ad Rotator Using PHP, JQuery And Ajax
    Easy Calendar Applications
    PHP Calendar
    Calendar Script using PHP and Script.aculo.us (JS)
    Creating Calendar in PHP
    PHP generate calendar file (ics)
    Building a Simple Monthly Calendar
    A MySQL Driven Chat Script
    PHP-Based Chat Room
    AJAX Multi-Level Comments
    PHP Ajax Shoutbox Tutorial
    Installing an IRC Log Bot
    Create Classifieds Software In 1 Hour
    Simple Chatroom With PHP and jQuery
    DeveloperWorks: Getting to know Midgard
    Using NeXTensio MX to create a CMS
    How to make your own PHP template script
    A Template Framework for Static Sites
    Templates, The PHPLIB Way
     Building Dynamic Pages With Search Engines in Mind
    Templates - why and how to use them in PHP3
    Changing Background Colors Based On Day Of Week
    Using Include To Avoid Unnecessary Repetition
    PHP Snurk
    Table Generator
    Input - Output String Functions
    Table Class for PHP
    Adding a WYSIWYG Editor To Your Site
    Uploading Image Files with PHP
    Download files with cURL
    Wordpress Installation Tutorial
    Joomla 1.5 Advanced Registration
    Writing a CMS/Community with Smarty and the Zend Framework Part 1
    Writing a CMS/Community with Smarty and the Zend Framework Part 2
    Writing a CMS/Community with Smarty and the Zend Framework Part 3
    Writing a CMS/Community with Smarty and the Zend Framework Part 6
    WordPress Training
    Monoslideshow and EE Gallery
    PHP Blog Tutorial - Editing Categories & Starting to add blog entires
    Learn how to create databases on the fly from yellowpages
    Create theme selection using PHP and CSS
    Building faster Web apps using PHP and in-memory solidDB
    Creating Your First Joomla Template
    Add Twitter-like functions to any application using PHP
    Use PHP to convert Twitter to RSS
    Extend WordPress with Eclipse PDT built plug-ins
    Creating a File Hosting Site with CodeIgniter
    Getting started with PHP frameworks
    Add adanced Ajax to PHP apps with easy jQuerry Libs
    30+ Excellent Free Joomla Themes

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