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    Simple auto suggest script using ajax php css and tags from wordpress
    Image gallery using php and mysql blob storage and displaying the image from mysql blob
    Count distinct records or values and display it using mysql and php
    Remove duplicates from a Database Using PHP
    Backup/Duplicate a MySql Database Using PHP
    Bike - Lightweight phpMyAdmin replacement
    PHP PDO Class Tutorial
    How To Conditionally Add Fields in MySQL DB Table
    Export Mysql as CSV
    How to Store Array Values in a Database Using PHP
    All in One PHP and MySql Tutorial for Beginners
    How to Display the Most Recent Record from a Database using PHP
    Using PDO in PHP Simplified
    Create a Dynamic Select Option Menu Using Ajax and PHP
    Creating a Price Range Slider Using jQuery, CSS, and PHP
    Tips and Tricks for Collections in Laravel!
    Title Bar Date Script
    Calendar of Events Listing
    Inserting Dates
    Adding Date/Time Last Updated
    Last Modified - Tutorial and Script
    Show Date and Time
    How to convert date to time and back
    Date and Time
    Creating a count down system
    Calculate a Person's Age From Two Dates
    PHP Date and Time
    Advanced Page Last Modified Script
    Creating a PHP Script Timer
    PHP Date: Finding Date / Time
    Working With Time Zones in PHP
    Date and time manipulation functions
    Php date() Function With Examples
    Getting start and end date of week in PHP
    PHP Date Function Hints and Tips
    Convert Month Name To Month Number Using Simple php
    Creating Date format in PHP
    Date and Time In PHP
    Adding th, st, and rd on Numbers and Dates with PHP
    PHP Time Ago Function
    Difference Between Two Dates In Php
    How to Change Date Formats in PHP
    Calculating PHP Time Difference (time ago)
    ImpAKT Basics Tutorial
    Templates and Template Engines
    PHP and UML Class Diagrams
    Develop rock-solid code in PHP: Lay the foundation
    Creating a drop down selection with an array
    A HOWTO on Optimizing PHP
    Arrays and PHP: A Primer
    Controlling PHP Output: Caching and compressing dynamic pages
    Best Practices: PHP Coding Style
    Checking Data
    COM Functions in PHP4 (Windows)
    Debugging PHP: Did You Remember to "Dot All Your I's and Cross All Your T's"?
    Arrays, HTML, and PHP
    Apache, Apachecon and PHP
    Creating dynamic dropdown lists in mySQL
    Introduction to Control Structures
    Working with Arrays
    PHP Script Tips - Understanding String Literals and Operations
    PHP Script Tips - Manipulating Strings with Built-in Functions
    Debugging your php code with PhpED
    Building multiple conditional statements in PHP
    Macronimous- Command Line Scripting in PHP
    Writing Regular Expression with PHP
    Testing Regular Expression Match Patterns
     Escape HTML Characters
    PHP Syntax
    Chinese Characters in PHP String Literals

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