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    Validation on the Server and Client
    Modeling and Designing Relational Databases
    Creating an object oriented MySQL abstraction class
    PHP Database Integration With MySQL
    PHP and MySQL
    Caching your pages with PhP
    PHP/mySQL tutorial
    How to Access a MySQL Database Using PHP
    Connecting to a MySQL Database with PHP
    PHP MySQL by examples
    Conexion a una base de datos
    Creating a simple SQL script executor
    A Brief Introduction to Using the Wonderful SQLite in your PHP Applications
    Adding Commas to Large Numbers in PHP
    Monkey PHP: Database Basics
    PHP MySQL tutorial
    Database Abstraction with Zend_Db - Part 2
    Measuring Page Load Time with PHP
    Creating DHTML/Javascript Tree from Mysql Data uing PHP
    Extending Zend DB Table
    SQL Select Based on Text Inserted Into a Text Box
    How to empty all tables in a mysql database
    Code/Script to Copy MySql Database
    PHP Doctrine introduction for dummies
    Extending PHP Doctrine Record
    File Uploads with PHP Doctrine
    Getting started with CodeIgniter
    Connect to a MySQL Database
    PHP MySQL example: image gallery (blob-storage)
    Total Number Of Rows In MYSQL
    PHP Doctrine DQL recipes
    Basic CRUD scaffolding with PHP Doctrine + Smarty
    Zend php connect to oracle using tnsnames
    PHP and MySQL Introduction
    MySQL - Connecting PHP to Database
    PHP 5: MySQLi Prepared Statements
    Convert a MySQL date field using PHP Functions
    Creating a MySQL Database Class Using the Singleton Design Pattern
    Everything You Need to Get Started with MySQL
    Create a shopping cart Part I
    Small fluent MySQL wrapper
    PHP call oracle store procedure
    Is it possible to repair MySql Databases using PHP?
    Copying data from one table to another in sql using php
    How to connect two mysql databases in PHP?
    MySql and PHP Tutorial
    dynamic website part 2
    Record locking in Web applications
    Debugging MySQL issues in PHP
    Custom query string in CakePHP
    Create an In-Place Editing System: One Step Further
    Memcached in PHP
    Why you Should be using PHP’s PDO for Database Access
    Fix Too many connections mysql_connect
    Export MySQL to CSV (Excel) using php
    Creating a Web Poll with PHP
    What is Php Functions and How to create a Function?
    Connecting and Selecting MySql Database
    Inserting Data in MySql Database using Forms
    Generating extended MySQL inserts in PHP
    Complete Website Mysql Backup Using PHP
    Php Count() Function
    The easiest way to paginate MySQL results with PHP
    Displaying data from MySQL table using PHP
    Get the size of a MySQL database using PHP
    Php and Mysql Google Sitemap
    Access a MySQL Database Using PDO
    Avoid executing MySQL queries within loops
    PHP : Logical Operators
    Tag cloud using php, mysql and ajax with filter

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