Desktop Programming

    How C/C++ Development Tooling uses the C/C++ Debugger
    FTP Uploading
    Learning FC++: The C++ functional programming library
    [Detailed Guide] C++ Understanding the Basics
    Display Data Using the Repeater Control in C#
    How to Compile C Language Program in Ubuntu Linux
    C Tutorial: Learn C Programming
    Searching for a string in a File
    A Simple Intro to SDL
    Making a game: The Document
    Making a game: The Idea
    Isometric Game Engine Opt
    Allegro Vivace
    MiniMax Game Trees
    C++/opengl –part3 : creating simple game
    A DirectPlay Tutorial
    Setting up DirectDraw 7
    Isometric Game Engine Opt
    Low level Digital Audio API
    How to Load a Wave File
    Making a game: The Development
    Making a game: The Document
    Making a game: The Idea
    Game Design
    What is Lag?
    How to begin writing games
    Mouse programming
    Game Programing with SDL and C++
    2D Snake game in C++ using DirectX9
    capture video to an AVI file
    Guess The Number VS. Computer Opponent.
    How to make an online game tapper
    C++ Tutorial
    Programming in C/C++
    C++ for Dumies
    An introduction to C
    Input / Output Tutorial
    Fast Introduction to C++
    Programming In C
    Loops For Beginners
    Introduction to C Programming
    C Programming Email Course
    Windows Programming
    Understanding C++ data types I
    Understanding C++ data types II
    Understanding C++ data types III
    Introducing the 'for' loop
    Transforming a string into ASCII
    Basic C++ functions
    Random number within a range
    Calculating the average
    Introducing pointers
    Beginning Visual C++ 6.0
    Dissecting 'Hello World' in C
    The Binary Adding Machine
    Understanding Pointers
    Lesson 1: Transforming Numerical Systems
    Lesson 2: IEEE Standards
    Lesson 3: Data types in Registry
    Lesson 4: Casting data types
    Lesson 5: Operators and Integer operations
    Lesson 6: ASCII code and character variables
    Lesson 7: Assigning, Comparison, IF Conditions
    Lesson 8: Conditional and Logical Operators
    Lesson 9: Two-sided and Multi-sided Selections
    Lesson 10: Program Iterations
    Lesson 11: Infinite and Finite Loops
    Lesson 12: Switch-Case, Break; and Continue;
    Lesson 13: Hello World! - A Classic -

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