Desktop Programming

    VB for Beginners - Part 1 - Introduction
    VB for Beginners - Part 2 - Items
    Visual Basic: Send Email Via SMTP
    Visual Basic: Take a screen shot
    Visual Basic: How to record your screen and saving it as .AVI
    Visual Basic: Sending Emails
    VB .NET How to make a timer only go (#) amount of times
    Classes in Visual Basic.NET
    Modern Software inVB.NET
    Visual Basic 2008 / 2010 Tic Tac Toe
    Establishing a Database Connection in Visual Studio 2005
    Creating a simple Media Player in VB.NET
    Creating a FilSystem Watcher/Logger in VB.NET
    [Advanced ] Serialization Tutorial by Gokujames [.NET , C# ,VB.NET ]
    Using Using VB.NET
    Casting in VB.NET
    Code Vb.Net: Bin - Hex - Dec ... converter
    Code:VB.NET Analogue Clocl
    Colors in VB.NET
    Graphics in VB.NET Part 1 - Bitmaps
    Graphics in VB.NET Part 2 - Graphics
    Graphics in VB.NET Part 3 - Figures
    Graphics in VB.NET Part 4 - Strings
    The Mouse in VB.NET
    Getting Random numbers in VB.NET
    Getting info about drives - VB.NET
    Fading Forms in VB.NET
    Creation icons in the Notification bar - VB.NET
    Creating a Screen Shot tool - VB.NET
    Create your own template - VB.NET
    Using the Wizard Control with ASP.NET 4.0 and VB
    How to Sort Items in a ListBox in Visual Basic.NET
    Creating a Dropdown List in Visual Basic.NET
    Enabling 3D on your Chart Controller
    How to Pass Parameters in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Use a While Loop in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Use the Calendar Control in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Use the Length Method in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Use a Hashtable in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Use the HiddenField Control in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Use a CheckBox Control in Visual Basic.NET
    Populating a DropDown List with a Database in VB.NET
    How to Create an Image Map in Visual Basic.NET
    VB.NET 2008 Tutorial
    Multidimensional Arrays in Visual Basic.NET
    VB TextBox - The TextBox Control in Visual Basic.NET
    VB.NET - Objects versus Object Variables in Visual Basic
    VB.NET - Building User-Drawn Controls in Visual Basic
    VB.NET - Loading and Showing Forms in Visual Basic
    VB.NET - The FolderBrowserDialog Control in Visual basic 2008
    How to Create a Floating Window in Visual Basic
    The PrintDocument Control in Visual Basic.NET 2008
    Creating a Class Constructor and Instantiating New Objects in ASP.NET and Visual Basic
    Creating a Real-Time Radial Temperature Gauge Using Telerik, Visual Basic, and ASP.NET, Part 1
    Making an HTML Control in Visual Basic and ASP.NET
    Checking Domain Name Availability in Real Time with Enom API, Visual Basic & ASP.NET 4.5
    Using the Dictionary Data Type in Visual Basic
    TextBox Control in Visual Basic 2008
    Connecting to mySQL Database
    Connecting to MySQL
    mysql connection example
    Displaying the Newest Entries from a Database in C#
    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for C++
    Selection Sort
    Horner's Algorithm
    Introduction to C++ Classes
    Inline functions
    GNU Debugger - GDB Tutorial
    Understand the C/C++ debugger interface
    Switch Extensions for Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling

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