Desktop Programming

    Creating and sending HTML email in Visual Basic - Part 2
    Creating and sending HTML email in Visual Basic - Part 3
    Dynamic Usage of Event Handlers in VB.NET
    Determining the Cursor Position in Visual Basic
    Hiding and Displaying the Mouse Cursor in Visual Basic
    Ways of doing Image Processing
    Animations using DIB Section
    GPS Monitor
    Mixed Languages with Visual Studio
    Technical Environment Affects
    Accessibility in Visual Basic
    How To Recruit And Retain Developers
    Smarterchild Clone
    Visual Configuration Explorer SDK
    TextBox Control in Visual Basic 6
    Working with Menus in Visual Basic 6
    Visual Basic: Extracting Icon from .exe
    Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio - 15 Videos
    Basic Calculator
    Beep Program.
    API for Begginers
    VB.NET YouTube Video Downloader Tutorial
    VB2008 Tutorial - Print Screen
    VB6.0:Tutorial, Error handling
    Visual Basic 2010 : Port Scanner (Console)
    Visual Basic help
    How to create a Log In form that uses a Remote Database
    Transparent Analog Clock
    Using a CommomDialog in text edition
    VB 6.0: Tutorial, Explaining the VB 6.0 GUI
    VB 6.0: Tutorial, How to make a GIF in your application
    VB 6.0: Tutorial, How to Make Glass2K!!
    Search Tool Tutorial
    Chat spammer
    A simple timer
    Code:Show System Information
    Tutorial - ListBox, ComboBox Command button.
    Simple Codes*For newbies, Check Here!*
    [VB2008] Stopwatch Tutorial
    [VideoTutorial]Adding XP Manifest without ExtraFiles
    Code: Add Images To Menus!
    Code: LCD Clock
    Code: RuneScape AutoHelper
    VB6.0:Tutorial, Command Line
    Dont push the red button game
    Arrays in Visual Basic.NET
    Variables in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Create a Visual Basic Panel Bar Using Telerik RadControls
    Use Visual Basic to Draw Graphics
    Internet Programming
    Send SMS from PC to mobile phones using VB
    Get every IP configuration on pc having multiple Nic from remote
    Tutorial, Making a Port Scanner
    How to create a Bandwidth Monitor
    How to Find External IP (Static IP)
    Using Settings in VB.NET
    Storing and Retrieving Application Settings in the Windows Registry
    Accessing Text and Images from the Clipboard
    Searching Listbox
    Recursive Programming Part 1 : Factorial
    Adjusting your scope - A look into variable scopes in .NET
    Macronimous- Developing Windows Smartphone Applications using .NET CE framework
    SQL Helper Class
    A Web Browser
    VB.NET Tutorial
    Visual Basic: Create Images with hidden messages

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