Desktop Programming

    Code: Webcam Motion Detector
    Code: Capture Code from USB Camera
    Code: Print Screen
    Code: Print Screen v2
    Code: Registry Tricks
    Code:VB6.0 File Comparer
    Code:VB6.0 IconWorks
    Code:VB6.0 Image To Outline
    Code:VB6.0 MicroMp3Player
    Code:VB6.0 OnItFirewall
    Code:VB6.0 UltraFile Encryption
    Control ur CD without a touch
    Cool Program . !
    Download and Upload using VB.NET
    Drag & Drop
    CommandButton and OptionButton Controls in Visual Basic 6
    Basic Browser.
    Tutorial - OptionButtons + Command Buttons!
    Code, buttons
    Making a code generator
    How to Use a RadioButtonList to Redirect to URL’s using Visual Basic
    Give Users the Option to Clear a Form in Visual Basic
    Creating database applications in VB-Part II
    Creating an Advanced VB database application
    Database Controls
    SQL in VB
    Visual Basic Database Management
    Creating Group Reports in VB6 using Data Report
    Getting File And Directory Owners
    Using the ListView Control to Display, Page, and Sort Data Records In ASP.NET 4.0
    Display Data with an XMLDataSource Control in VB
    Displaying the Newest Entries from a Database in VB
    A Simple Stropwatch!
    Date Calculator
    8 Step VB Scheduler Tutorial with a Download Sample
    Common Dialogs
    Windows API
    VB.NET Optimized Shuffle tutorial
    Create real Excel Files Reports without MS Excel
    3D Terrain
    Developing Web Applications
    Programming With Variants
    Developing Applications in Windows CE
    Building Base Code
    Programming on Purpose
    Reusability of Coding
    How to create custom progress bar using Visual Basic
    Inserting Data Into a MySQL Database using PHP
    Finding words or String with same beginning and end using regular expressions with .net
    Introduction To Charts In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    Hello World in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Create a Currency Converter in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Create a File Browser using Visual Basic
    VB Forms - Forms in Visual Basic.NET 2008
    VB.NET - Building Dynamic Forms at Runtime
    Error Handling
    Error Handling
    War Against Bugs
    How Does Y2K Affect Visual Basic?
    Software Testing
    Error handling and Debugging in Visual basic
    Adjust Custom Errors in ASP.NET
    Distribution of Applications
    Using the Mouse
    Creating and sending HTML email in Visual Basic - Part 1

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