Desktop Programming

    Building a Visual Basic Application
    Writing the Codes
    Working With Controls
    Managing Visual Basic Data
    Working With Variables
    Controlling Program Flow
    More on Program Control
    Introduction to VB Function (Part 1)
    Introduction to VB Function (Part 2)
    Creating VB Function For MS Excel
    VB Overview
    Introduction to VB IDE
    Controls Overview
    Instrinsic Controls
    ActiveX Controls
    VB Code
    Command Descriptions
    Command Summary Chart
    Getting Started With Visual Basic 6.0
    Basic drawing program
    Getting Started With Visual Basic 6.0
    Managing INI files
    The basics of Visual Basic - Part 1
    Business objects
    Installing Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
    Simple VB Code with Strings Booleans and Integers
    Simple VB Code with Command Buttons
    Basic VB Code Changing Text
    More To know About Open Office
    How to change the case of a string
    Introduction to Visual Basic
    Visual Basic Arrays
    Getting Started with Visual Basic 2008
    Visual Basic: How to create a simple egg timer
    Reading Command line arguments in VB.NET
    Using Recources in VB.NET
    A time showing tutorial
    Multi threading in VB.NET
    How To Make DLL Injector VB 2010
    How to make a Password Generator
    How to create a Web Server in Visual Basic 6
    Determinants Value
    How to Check for Input Validation in Visual Basic.NET
    Databinding Using the GridView Control
    How to Create a Basic Web Browser in Visual Basic
    How to Create and Call a Function in Visual Basic.NET
    How to Use a BulletedList Control in Visual Basic.NET
    Using Integers and Creating New Object in Visual Basic 2010
    Create a Master Page in Visual Basic.NET
    Working With Files
    File Handling
    How to use FindFirstFile Win32 API from Visual Basic code
    Creating and deleting dirs
    Extract the target file from a shortcut file .lnk
    VB Email Sender
    Vista Border For Your Progz
    VB 9.0 How to make a Screenshot Tool
    Text Speecher.
    A date showing tutorial
    A simple Log In screen
    Advanced Notepad in VB 2008
    Blocking GUI Movement escaping ur app
    Code: Ad-Blocker
    Code:VB6.0 Basic HTML Editor
    Code: MicroKit

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