3D Graphics

    Leather material in 3D Studio Max
    Create a 3d scanner for nothing!
    Creating Snowy Mountain Scene in 3ds Max
    Vray Displacement Mod
    UVW Unwrapping / Unwrap made EZ for beginers
    Intro to Next-Gen Modeling and Texturing in 3ds Max
    Create a Video Game Dumpster: The Complete Current-Gen Workflow
    Realistic leaf - HD Video
    Hacer una esfera con espinas
    Model a Stylist Eames Lounge Chair in 3DS Max
    3D Studio Max Lathe Tutorial
    Sculpt and Intricate Lion Statue in ZBrush and 3ds Max
    Texturing a Human Face - Day 1: The UVW Unwrap
    Texturing a Human Face - Day 2: Painting the Texture
    Next Gen Weapon Creation - Day 1: The High-Poly Model
    Next Gen Weapon Creation - Day 2: The Low-Poly Model
    Creating a basic GUI Rig in 3ds Max
    3ds Max Clay Render for Beginners’ Tutorial
    Creating A Perfect 3D Eye in 3ds Max
    Studio Rendering with 3ds Max and Vray
    Tip: XRef Scenes
    Introduction to Animation Controllers Part 2
    Setup Blueprints in 3DS MAX
    Splinejob -1-
    Explanation on Concepts of Extrude (Editable Poly)
    Rigging Without Bones
    Beginner Modeling Methods and Techniques in 3DS Max
    Treasure chest - How to bake correctly normal and ambient occlusion maps
    Learn the Essentials of Particle Flow – Basix
    How to render with 3ds max 2011
    Orthographic projection in 3ds Max and V-Ray Tutorial.
    Switching from VRayPhysicalCamera to standard Tutorial.
    G.I Rendering Techniques in 3Ds Max
    UV Unwrapping a Hard-Surface Object in 3Ds Max
    Presenting A Brand using 3Ds Max – Day 1
    Snow Material - Tutorial for beginners
    Apply Multiple Materials to an Object
    Opacity Map in 3DS Max and GIMP
    3ds Max Tutorials - Introduction to 3d Studio Max Basics
    Modeling a cup and saucer - Tutorial for beginners
    Modeling Dunes in 3ds Max with Patch Grids by Sascha Henrichs
    Basics of 3D Studio Max - (Video Tutorial)
    3d Max Tutorials - 3ds Max Viewports
    Camera Matching in Six Steps in 3ds Max by Ciro Sannino
    Mp3 Player - Complete Project
    The 10 Basic Rules of Image Composition by Maxim Ganzha
    3ds Max Tips & Tricks
    A Look at a 3DsMax to Fusion Post Workflow
    PNG Icon in 3D Studio Max
    What are these things in 3D?
    Rendering a Toy with Mental Ray - Video Tutorial by Hani Mohammadi
    Basic Tools Tutorial
    Understanding the Viewport
    Making a Basic Rope in 3ds Max by Travis Williams
    3D LOD Subdivision - 3ds Max Tutorial by Tiago Mederios
    Compositing V-Ray Render Elements Tutorial by James Cutler
    Composition Rules
    All About Spline: Introduction
    All About Spline: Working with Sub-objects
    Particle Flow Toolbox #3 Introduction and MappingObject Tutorial
    Grass Tutorial in 3DS Max
    Basic tutorial part 2 - Advanced 3DsMax
    Basic Cloth Simulation Tutorial by Roberth Vala
    Cinema Projection tutorial by Roberth Vala
    Ptex workflow (Mudbox -Houdini)
    V-Ray Caustics video tutorial
    Distribute Objects on a Surface Using Particle Flow
    Ivy Generator Scene with V-Ray 2.0 by Luis Fábregas
    camera match in 3d studio max
    Modeling a euro coin in 3DsMax

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