3D Graphics

    Making of
    Rendering a Toy in V-Ray
    Making of Red Bugatti
    Texturing the Laser Rifle using Photoshop
    Male Character Modeling - Unwrapping Torso and Foot
    Male Character Modeling - Applying Texture & Hair and then Render
    Learn how to texture some speakers
    Create a neon material/effect in 3DS Max
    VRay lights tutorial - Light Material
    Introduction to Slate Material Editor in 3ds Max 2011
    Introduction to Slate Material Editor in 3ds Max 2011-part-2
    How to create a Glass Shader in 3Ds Max 2011
    Understanding Reflection & Refraction
    Vray Grass Tutorial - High Definition Grass Material with Vray Fur
    Wire Render in 3DS Max Mental Ray Tutorial
    How to use double sided material in 3DS Max?
    How to Paint Multiple Materials with Vertex Paint
    Creating sketch effects in 3Ds MAX
    3DS Max Tutorial
    Fantasy Weapon Texturing Techniques
    Wireframe Rendering Techniques in 3DS Max
    Basic Materials 3DS Max Tutorial
    Texturing an Exterior Wall: Part 1 of 4
    Texturing a Wall: Part 2 of 4
    Texturing a Wall: Part 3 of 4
    Texturing a Wall: Part 4 of 4
    Texturing an Exterior Floor: Part 1 of 5
    Texturing an Exterior Floor: Part 2 of 5
    How to Use Opacity Maps in 3DS Max
    Making of Carnivorous Plant
    Creating a Velvet/Suede finish with Vray or Mental Ray
    Unwrapping and Texturing a Flying Vehicle
    Creating a Snow House in 3DS Max
    Blue Print Set Up Tutorial for Beginners
    BMW 1 Series Texturing Tutorial
    Chess Set Texturing Tutorial
    Sackboy Tutorial Chapter 2 : Unwrapping the Character
    How to Make a Low Poly Tire Using 3DS Max
    Modeling a Cup and Saucer: 3DS Max Tutorial for Beginners
    Creating A Desert Scene In 3DS Max
    Common V-Ray Render Settings in 3DS Max
    Working with Acrylic Material in 3DS Max and V-Ray
    Visualization in 3DS Max
    Model a 3D Laser Engraved Crystal in 3DS Max
    Modeling Bronze and Silver Material in Vray and 3DS Max
    Modeling Chrome in Vray and 3DS Max
    Model Some Crumpled Tin Foil in Vray
    Shaping With Polystyrene Foam in Vray
    Bumpy Guitar
    Model a Hand Gun
    Creating a Human Face in 3DS MAX using NURMS
    Crystals 2
    Box Modeling - TV
    3D Tenticles
    Modelling the Lotus Elise Mk1
    Box Model a Car
    Reactor Cloth
    Model a Soccer Ball
    Golf Ball
    The power of Radia Array
    How to use the NURMS (NonUniformally Rational MeshSmooth)
    Welding Vertices
    Body Modeling - Modeling with Meshsmooth
    Lathe Tutorial
    The Making of the King
    Abstract Objects
    Model a 3d Lamp

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