2D Graphics

    3D Sphere Cage
    Water Effect
    How to create bubbles using custom brush.
    Creating paper folds and creases
    Water Droplets on photos
    Digital Display
    Circuit Board
    Surface texture effects
    Creating frame or border around a picture.
    Disco Ball
    3D Smiley
    Force Lightning
    Create metal screw using photoshop software.
    Hologram Reciever
    3D Abstract Crystals
    Painted Canvas Effect
    5 unique Photoshop plugins you should be aware of
    Ring bling
    Realistic Ice
    Creating a Starfield
    Fluffy clouds and sun's rays
    Create a glossy Oorange
    Adding Motion
    Realistic Crack
    Dripping Slime
    Magic Book
    Adding Motion to a Car
    Give depth to your background
    Wallpaper With Logo
    Energy Twirl
    Create a Orb
    Vanishing Point ( part 1, what does that do anyway?)
    Matrix effect
    Barcode effect
    Changing object texture
    Head Display
    Creating an Infrared Effect
    Smoke Special Effect
    How to create melting metal effect
    EZ Arctic Blast
    Egg to Coke
    Protect your pictures a water mark made in Photoshop
    Marine Wallpaper - Special Effects
    3D Render Enhancement
    Electric Abstract
    Sims Ballooms
    Starburst Poster
    3D Neuron
    Chrome Looking Art
    Fantastic Sunset Wallpapers Effects
    Making cool colorful glossy cubes effect
    Watter effect
    Fake Beards - Free Video Tutorial -
    Create Icy Images - Free Video Tutorial -
    Monster Eyes - Free Video Tutorial -
    Night Vision Effect - Free Video Tutorial -
    Change Hair Color - Free Video Tutorial -
    Create Rain Effects - Free Video Tutorial -
    EZ Lightning Effect
    Invisible Clothes - Free Video Tutorial - Luv2Help.com
    The engraved print look
    Free Desktop Wallpaper
    Raw Flesh Effect - Free Video Tutorial - Luv2Help.com
    Energy Blast Effect - Free Video Tutorial - Luv2Help.com
    Colorful print and play puzzle

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