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JAX-RS Security using API-KEY for Authorization
In this tutorial we will discuss how to secure JAX-RS RESTful web services using API-KEY or Service Key for Authorization. This form of security is used to ensure that certain RESTful endpoints are pr...

Upload and Download Multiple Binary Files using MongoDB
In this tutorial we are going to develop multiple file upload and file download capability using RESTful web service using JAX-RS and Jersey storing the contents of files into MongoDB Database using a...

How to Secure JAX-RS RESTful Web Services Using Digest Authentication
Most of the configuration changes we’ll make in this Java tutorial are minor, but the communication mechanism between the server and the client will be vastly different.

Using Apache Velocity to Create a Java Spring MVC Email Example
In this tutorial we’ll discuss how to set up a Java Spring MVC RESTful Webservice with email. We’ll use Apache Velocity to create a Velocity template that is used to create an HTML email message and e...

JSP Pagination Examples
We`ll learn a little about JSP pagination in this tutorial! Just like the name sounds, pagination is a method of dividing content into several pages for a smoother reader experience.

JAX-RS Security Using Basic Authentication and Authorization
Help ensure that URIs are protected and only clients that have been authorized and authenticated are able to gain access and make use of them! We`ll review required libraries, web service end points, ...

Use MongoDB to Build a Realtime Angular JS Dashboard
In this tutorial, we`ll build a RESTful web service using Spring MVC 4.0.6 and Spring Data for MongoDB 1.6.1. We`ll also make use of the SIGAR libraries to gather system statistics from the host opera...

The Difference Between JcheckBox ActionListner and ItemListner
Both ActionListner and ItemListner are used to fire actions on JcheckBox, but they have important differences! We`ll show you how to use them properly.

How to Connect Android with PHP, MySQL, and JSON
Here`s a step-by-step tutorial for connecting your Android device with PHP and MySQL using a special JSON service. Once connected, we`ll create a signup app in Android involving a screen to enter regi...

Basic Java Skills – Outputting a Sine Wave With JavaFX
Here`s a simple program that will output a cubic curve to create a sine wave. If you`re just starting out with JavaFX, this is a great first tutorial to teach syntax and coding with a practical spin!