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5 Ways to Use a Plastic Bag in Your Photography
Chung Dha demonstrates the different ways that he has used a plastic bag in his photography. It is a quick and cost effective method to influence the flash or protect your camera.

The Story Behind the Tank Man Photo at Tiananmen Square
Though the themes within the photograph resonate universally, few people consider just how the image itself came to be.

The Camera Collector: A Look Inside a Passion of a Photographer
Filmmaker Andrea Casanova interviewed a mystery man simply known as “The Camera Collector” in this brief yet fascinating documentary.

How Does My Camera Work?
These days, you’d be hard pressed to find a person that doesn’t own some sort of camera. But considering the high number of camera owners globally, very few have a solid grasp concerning the machine’s...

Kit Lens Photography Tips & Tricks
Take a moment to reexamine their kit lenses and discover the creative capabilities that may not be immediately.

What is ISO and Why Should I Care?
Most of us know that one of the keys to great photography is getting the right exposure and that ISO is a vital piece of the equation. But what is ISO, exactly?

How to Remove Tourists from Your Photos in Photoshop
The easiest way to ensure that your images line up as perfectly as possible and create the strongest final image is to utilize a sturdy tripod.

5 Common Mistakes Photographers Make in Photoshop
Taking photographs and editing them can often be two different stories. Too much editing can start to decrease the value of your images. Learn from these tips to edit your images perfectly.

Using a Sphere to Learn the Laws of Light for Photography
The laws of light are based on things you cannot change. While you can’t get rid of these things, you can control them, and once you master these abilities, you can use them to your advantage.

How to Remove Camera Sensor Dust with Lightroom
Though spot removal may seem like a tedious task, the end result is well worth the trouble it takes to make the necessary corrections.